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Nearwater Construction News

Tue, 08/12/2009 - 14:18

The reinvention of Woodhambury House into "Nearwater Bed & Breafast and Self Catering Annex" is taking place in two phases.  Phase 1 (the bit that didn't require planning permission) started in October and was an 8 week program to change the existing houses accommodation into 3 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and to create a separate annex (kitchen bathroom and bedroom).

We are now in week 7 and the pressure is on to finish and so we can get in for Christmas.  Most concerning is the progress of the plumbing team, they still have all the second fit to do and the installation of the boiler and pressurised hot water tank, however they assure me they will get it all done.

The news on the planning front for "Phase 2", which gives us permission to build an extension at the back of the house for accommodation for the family is good.  The planning officer (having been off sick for 4 days and missing the 8 week deadline) was back at work yesterday and told me he was typing up our letter outlining the conditions that will be attached to the permission that we are about to be granted.  The letter may be with us today.

 12/12/09 (The end of week 7).  The builders and tilers have been on site today (Saturday).  The doors, handles and locks, skirting boards and door surrounds have been fitted to the upstairs bedrooms.  The tiler (Trystan) has completed two of the 3 bathrooms upstairs, with just the floor to do in the third.
The electricians came back for second fit on Friday, we now have two wired in kitchens and switches and sockets are apppearing all over the place.  Monday should see the first of the light fittings and the new distribution board.
The plumbers are still giving concern, however radiators have started appearing and a huge (2m high) pressurised hot water tank (the first of 2) appeared on Thursday and is now roughly in position.
Ben, the young foreman onsite, has been doing a stirling job and showing great commitment to getting the job done on time. So with a fair wind we still should be in next Saturday.

15/12/09.  Progress continues apace.  The electrical sockets are now live and the cold water circuits are all on.  About 90% of the doors are on and my painting with diluted emulsion of all the plastered walls continues.  Big push tomorrow as the much delayed windows finally will arrive and the hope is to fit all seven in a day. 
Oh and the big news of the day is that we now have the planning approval letter, so we can continue on with Phase 2 (which is the family accommodation) in early January.

28/12/09.  Well we moved in on 23/12/09 just in time for Christmas.  Not everything is finished but we do have three bathrooms, hot water, lights and all the windows fitted.  Also all the bamboo floors are down. We found a wonderful farm only a few miles away where we bought a Christmas tree, the farm was a bit different to those we are used to in Yorkshire as in the barn was a fishing boat and stacks of lobster pots and behind was a fantastic view of the open sea.
Although we have missed all the snow the rest of the country has had we have had some fairly severe frosts.  The new central heating has proved up to the job and kept us nice and warm.  I have posted some more pictures in the construction gallery where you can see how the house has progressed.

16/1/10  The foundations have been dug, the concrete poured and the first blocks laid, for the extension on the back of the house.  Although the snow has all gone the ground is very wet so currently we have mud everywhere!
There has been further progress in the house, the annex bathroom has been tiled and the shower, toilet and basin installed.  The first of our bathroom alcoves have been finished and their lights fitted.  Ami and I think they look great.
The other area of major progress is the new fence beside the drive.  This is all now finished and gives us added privacy from next door and just as importantly has widened the drive, which helps when one is reversing out of the new parking spaces.

22/1/10  Approval for the colour of our Cladding (Cream) arrived in the post today, which is just as well since the builders started putting it on the walls yesterday (Oh how we live dangerously here!). 
The slab for the extension was poured yesterday and the blockwork walls are commencing today.
In the kitchen the granite upstands are being fitted today on the workservice.  Also in the kitchen I gave the parquet floor two coats of oil and we are hoping to move the fridge back into place this afternoon as we have a dinner party on Saturday and it all needs to look something like!
I have posted a couple of pictures of the slab being leveled and as soon as we have the kitchen tidied up for tomorrow I will take some pictures and post them too.

28/01/10 I have started a new photo gallery of recent construction images (  These show blockwork going up for the extension and some of the cladding going up on the existing house.  Last week there was a small problem with the upstands for the kitchen, one was too short (a longer one is arriving on Friday) - I will then post some kitchen pictures as promised last week.

11/02/10 Blockwork on extension now almost complete.  Roof steel in on Monday, roof felted a windows in by Thursday (lets hope the current dry weather lasts till then).  Mayhem in the house at the moment as the painters try to get the downstairs completed by tomorrow and the other painter (me) tries to get the second bedroom upstairs completed as well.  This is so that on our childrens return home tomorrow for half term we might all live together in peace and harmony!  On that subject we had the freeview aerial sorted out on Wednesday.  The big news of the week though was that Clive the builder announced that we are "ahead" of schedule (only time will tell).

24/2/10 - Phase 2 (owner's living quarters) work now gathering pace. First fix of electrics has started and windows now aquiring sills and glazing.  Painting now almost complete in in the letting rooms and even have a telly on the wall in room "Percuil".  The rendering of the whole house at ground floor level has commenced however "Russ" (the builder doing this) has gone awol in the last few days with the job only half done!  Have posted a few new pictures tthe library.  One shows a sneek preview of room "Percuil".

6/3/10 - Work continues apace, upto 12 builders a day onsite for the last fortnight.  First fix is almost finished and over half the rooms are fully boarded ready for the plasterers.  Hopefully they will start the middle of next week.  The cladding around the extension is being prepared, walls have been battened and as long as the weather stays fine that will all be on next week.  We have had some wonderful weather, hot sunny days, frosty mornings.  This morning in the harbour a new St Mawes water taxi (a rib) was launched, two gigs were out rowing and a group of people swam across to Place (in wetsuits!) - it felt like summer (almost).

18/3/10 The sisal flooring has been fitted in all the letting bedrooms and upstairs corridors.  It looks great.  We have the correct beds for 3 out of  our 4 bedrooms, the Airsprung mattresses have all arrived, The tvs are all hung on the walls, even the ipod docking alarm clock radios are here so it is all starting to come together.  It needs to be as there is only 2 weeks to go to opening!  We should be able to put some bedroom pictures on the website very soon.

1/4/10  Official opening day! - Well I am afraid we didn't quite make it, all the letting rooms are finished, but the family rooms are not quite finished so we are living in the letting rooms!  Anyway our first booking is for "Trefusis" annex for next week and that will be ready.  The tiles are going down in the utility room today so we should have our washing machines and drier installed by tomorrow, the children's bedrooms have been painted and their bathroom is almost finished, so we should have them in by the weekend.  The sun is shinning and St Mawes is starting to fill up for Easter so all is not lost.

18/4/10  We are opening for business tomorrow.  We have paying guests in The self catering annex and Summers room.  The sun has hardly stopped shinning for two weeks, the children are going back to school with a sun tan, and the forecast is for more sun shine for the next few days.  Why not make a late booking and come down to sunny Cornwall.


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